Historic Photographs & Maps
of Muir Beach, California

Muir Beach Photos

From a real estate
promotional photo album
of the 1920's and various other sources

Presenting several galleries of photos from an old album of promotional photos compiled by Jim Weil and his sister, Lucia Harris, of the original Muir Beach Company, which sold the lots on the lower, Pacific and Sunset Way, portions of Muir Beach.

It is my understanding that they named the community Muir Beach, feeling that the association with the world famous Muir Woods would help locate and promote the new community. I have heard that the old lots, only about 35 by 100 feet, were even given away with subscriptions to the San Francisco Examiner, as a promotion. If anyone finds any written evidence for this I would enjoy adding it to the website. George Kristian Lindholdt

Any additional information, anecdotes, nostalgia, photos, documents, recollections, will be gladly accepted for addition to this collection, and many have been already. The additional galleries listed below contain not only old maps and aerial shots, but snapshots from different families, resident or just visiting. You can contact George Kristian Lindholdt, 415-388-8455,, and you are welcome to visit my homepage,, also a work in constant progress.


History of Muir Beach

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Photos from the late 1890's

Old Maps

Aerial Photos

Miscellaneous Photos

The Tale of the Tavern: 1, 2, 3, 4

The Souzas

Maps and Aerial photos courtesy of the National Park Service
in relation to the
Big Lagoon Wetland and Creek Restoration Project

And here's a link to a Muir Beach webcam.

Here is a recent false-color photo of Muir Beach:

2000 photo
Last updated: 3/26/05