Muir Beach Photos

Gallery 13:
The Souzas



The Souza Dairy was located on Muir Woods Road. Run by the brothers James and Manuel Souza, the dairy ran from 1924 until 1937.

It was the only Grade "A" dairy at Muir Beach. It disbanded when brother Manuel moved into Novato to run a sheep ranch and James moved on to Pacific Way in Muir Beach and raised beef cattle on 350 acres above Slide Ranch.

The milk was delivered daily by Model A Ford to Sausalito by Jim or Manuel, to be shipped on the ferry. Quite a challenge on a dirt road in foggy weather.

— Shirley Souza


Jim and Maria Souza, 1922

Jim Souza (standing)
Manuel Souza (in car)
Joe Souza (baby)

Maria Souza
Joe Souza

  From left to right:
Joe Souza (second)
Maria Souza (fourth)
Jim Souza (fifth)
Approx. 1941