Muir Beach Photos

Gallery 5:
Photos from the late 1890's

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A contributor who wishes to remain anonymous sent in a disk with these photos.

They were taken during a weekend family outing to Muir Beach by the gentleman's grandparents, who lived in San Francisco.

The date is thought to be "either in November of 1897 or the Spring of 1898."


Picnicing on the beach.
Our contributor's father is the boy to the left of
the man in the black fedora on the far right, his grandfather.

"As you can see,
a large part of the top of the large rock in the middle of the beach
fell off later, I suspect in the earthquake of 1906."


"Starting home back to the ferry at Sausalito in the horse-drawn carriage."


"The family and others at the top of the grade. At the right, you can see Angel Island and the Raccoon Strait."